August 25, 2016



We’ve compiled a few FAQ’s in hopes of making your transition to Shepton Silver Stampede Marching Band a little bit easier. We are always looking for your input on this page. Please submit suggestions or questions to

What is the marching band?

The Shepton High School Silver Stampede is an award winning ensemble consisting of students in grades 9 and 10. The band performs frequently at various events, i.e., football games, a holiday parade, UIL, etc, throughout the year. This class is designed for students who play a band instrument and are interested in the total range of band music and activities. Students will improve instrumental skills as well as acquire skills in precision teamwork, body carriage, musicianship, and showmanship. This course counts as a PE credit towards graduation as well as a Fine Arts credit.

What is the band booster club?

The booster club is a nonprofit organization (somewhat similar to a PTA for a school), which supports the band program through fundraising, volunteer coordination, and management of online sales of needed band items. The booster club supports the band program by paying for clinicians who supplement the instruction of our two band directors, the repair and purchase of instruments not provided by PISD, fees for UIL contests and other music festivals, rental costs for concerts and events, organizing special events for the students, and much more!

Why do I need to log in to Charms?

The email address(es) you provided when you registered in Charms are the ONLY way you will receive updates from your band directors and the Band Boosters. Here you will also find the official Shepton HS Band event calendar, handouts for students, mp3 files for required listening assignments, and study guides for final exams. You’ll also find the band calendar there. Our charms code is SheptonHSB.

Where is the calendar?

The official calendar is maintained at Charms.

Why do I need to log in to Membership Toolkit?

Visit Membership Toolkit to make payments and to volunteer.  You can also access the directory of band families, fill out your band registration forms, order required uniform items and spirit wear items.

If I enroll in band class, am I required to march in the marching band? 

Yes, the Plano ISD band curriculum includes marching band.  Limited exceptions are made for student athletes in some fall sports.  See the directors for details.

When do marching band rehearsals start?

Marching band camp begins with a “Marching Day” the first Saturday after school gets out in June. Regular marching band camp begins in early August  from 7AM – 1:30 PM during the first two weeks of band camp and 5-9PM the last week before school starts.

Percussion students and color guard members will also attend a week-long day camp (8AM-4PM) in mid-June.

What happens to marching band practice when school starts?

The marching band practices 7- 8:30AM on school days during the marching season (ends late-October).

What does the evening/weekend commitment look like when school starts?

The band plays at 6 football games in the fall, mostly Thursday evenings.  On game days, band students eat dinner (restaurant meals served by the boosters) after school and board buses to get to the stadium.  Students may return to Shepton as late as 11PM.

Additionally, the band marches in 2 contests on Saturdays in October.  These are half-day commitments. Percussion students also participate in a Saturday drumline competition in late September.

That sounds like a lot; what about my classes and my grades?!?

Learning to manage time well is one of the most lasting effects of participation in any extra-curricular activity!  Shepton HS has a “not due on Friday” policy which means that there are no major projects or tests on Fridays (helpful during football season).  Interestingly, band students typically have some of the strongest transcripts and class ranks in the school.   Band culture very much encourages student collaboration/peer tutoring, good organization skills, and academic excellence.

I have heard about the fees required for cheerleading/Stallionettes/Football, etc. Are there fees for marching band?

Yes.  ALL band students are required to purchase a black band polo shirt.  Additionally, marching band students are required to purchase some uniform items and pay a uniform cleaning fee. Students who wish to receive the catered game day meals will purchase those as a package.  Marching students can expect to pay about $270 including meals.  All band parents are encouraged to join the band booster club.

What is “Color Guard”?

Color guard is open to ALL Shepton students (not just band students).  Color guard members provide additional visual appeal to our marching show with flags and other props.  They have a dedicated color guard instructor and rehearse at the same time as the marching band, including summer marching band camp.  Color guard students have the opportunity to participate in winter guard with Plano West and Jasper HS students to create and compete with indoor shows (no band).

How does Jazz Band work at Shepton?

Jazz band participation is by audition (usually early October).  Jazz band functions as an extra-curricular activity, not a class.  Rehearsals will be determined by student schedules, but may include before or after school rehearsals or rehearsal during block lunch.  Performances include the Spaghetti Dinner in November and a combined concert with other West Cluster jazz bands in May.

How does Full Orchestra work at Shepton?

We pair a limited number of wind instruments and percussionists with one of the Shepton Orchestras (string instruments) to create a Full Orchestra for 3 concerts and a spring UIL competition.  Auditions are in late October.  Weekly rehearsals are mostly before school, starting in November through late February and as needed for the spring concert (May).